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INVESTIGATORS, INC. has been featured in numerous newspaper articles and books.  A major motion picture produced & directed by Michael Bay is in production at this time.  The story is a spin-off of the Sun Gym murders, a case investigated by Ed Du Bois, III and Investigators, Inc. and successfully prosecuted by the State of Florida.

PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders (Part 1)

The Sun Gym Murders (Part 2)

PAIN & GAIN - The Sun Gym Murders (Part 3) 

Du Bois to get Pinder Award 

Dolphins have Own Man in Town 

Bryan Cox Apologizes for Conduct 

Three Alarm "Ire" (Bryan Cox, Joe Robbie Stadium)


This was a one-hour, true crime documentary featuring Ed Du Bois, III as the main storyteller describing the grizzly details of his five-month investigation of the Sun Gym Gang.

- The Sun Gym Murders
TruTV -
Rich and Reckless (Muscle Bound)


This book was written by Dion Rich, the self-professed, greatest gate crasher in the world.  He dedicates a chapter in the book to Ed Du Bois, III complimenting him for catching Rich crashing a Super Bowl game.  This apprehension led to Rich agreeing to never attempt to crash any future NFL events. 
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Confessions of the World's Greatest Gate Crasher: Dion Rich
Charlie Jones, Author

This book is about George Wackenhut, former partner of Ed Du Bois, Jr. reflecting on the early days of the investigative business and the forming of Investigators, Inc.

The Quiet American ~ A Biography of George R. Wackenhut
John Minahan, Author

This book was written by Robert Maheu a former client of Investigators, Inc.  After Howard Hughes mysteriously disappeared from Las Vegas, he hired Ed Du Bois, III and Investigators, Inc. to find him.  This led to a worldwide search for Howard Hughes.

Next To Hughes ~
Behind the Power and Tragic Downfall of Howard Hughes by His Closest Advisor
Robert Maheu, Author